PROTECT Fog Cannon™ fog machine units

Burglars cannot steal what they cannot see.

Installing a PROTECT Fog Cannon™ fog machine as part of your alarm system means putting a stop to burglars running away with your valuables. Fog Cannon™ fog machine units work by filling the rooms with dense fog in a matter of seconds and stopping burglars in their tracks by obscuring everything they have come in to steal. There are no limits to which valuables and spaces that can be protected by our Fog Cannon™ fog machine units. Fog Cannon™ fog machine units omit what resembles smoke, which is completely safe and harmless.

Have a look at the Fog Cannon™ fog machine in action in the video link below or call us for a free demo!

Are Fog Cannon™ fog machine units Safe?

Fog Cannon™ fog machine units have been extensively tested in laboratories. The fog is harmless to humans, animals, fixtures, machinery and IT equipment. If you’re concerned about how a Fog Cannon™ fog machine might affect your business, please get in touch!

What if the power is disconnected?

Fog Cannon™ fog machine units will still activate even if the power has been disconnected and the alarm has been cut off. The cannons have an emergency power supply that will keep the cannon powered for up to 3 hours.

Security Fog Cannon™ fog machineHow do I remove the fog?

The fog is very dense but will air out in around twenty minutes if the building is well ventilated. Ventilation should be actioned within one hour of the cannon going off.

Do I have to replace the fog supply?

The cannon needs a supply of fog fluid to work. We monitor when the fluid is getting low and there is also a “beep” to indicate a low tank.

What about room size?

Fog Cannon™ fog machine units can be used in all types of rooms from the small to the very large. Our security consultants will assess your building and recommend a solution to suit your requirements.

It is dangerous for an intruder?

The purpose of the cannon is to obscure and protect your property. The Fog Cannon™ fog machine doesn’t cut off access to an intruder who wants to escape the same way they came in when confronted with a blast of fog!

What does the fog smell like?

The fog has a slight smell of peppermint.

Can a Fog Cannon™ fog machine operate during business hours?

Fog Cannon™ fog machine units are very effective in situations where a business is being robbed during work hours. They can be activated by staff using an emergency button and deter assaults, robberies and burglarie

Are Fog Cannon™ fog machine units expensive?

No, Fog Cannon™ fog machine units use little power and relative to the cost of your property, are a great investment. Your insurance company may even give you a discount for using one!

What is the fog made of?

Fog is created using a combination of glycol and water that is forced through a heated element. This is the same as the smoke machines you will see used in stage performances.

How can I find out more?

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